Activewear Buying Basics for Women

The wonderful thing about buying activewear is that it can be a lot more forgiving than your average jeans, slacks, blouses, and blazers. This is perhaps why so many women equate activewear with loungewear these days. And yet, for the active woman, there is a lot more to love about this category of modern clothing. Exercise apparel is designed for activity, which means it’s meant to move with you, keep you cool or warm, and generally meet all of your needs when it comes to garments meant to help you stay comfortable when you work out. As a result, you might have some trouble deciding which gear will work best for you. So here are a few basics that should help you to narrow down your options and get the right exercise apparel.

You might want to start by searching for apparel that is appropriate for whatever type of exercise you prefer. You’ll find that there are specific garments available for hiking, biking, jogging, yoga, weight lifting, and more. And they feature properties that are specific to the sports for which they are designed. Cycling gear, for example, is generally fitted (for less wind resistance) and it may be designed to keep cyclists cool or warm, or even both. Jogging pants and shorts may be fitted or loose, but they generally have some kind of small pocket for an I.D., keys, or your MP3 player. And yoga clothing tends to be lightweight fabric with a lot of stretch that moves with you as you contort yourself into various poses. If you’re looking for generic exercise clothing, you can find it, but garments made for specific activities may be better suited to your purposes.

You’ll also want to pay attention to fabric and fit. While you can certainly go with easy-breezy cotton sweats that cinch to fit, there are a lot more options these days than there used to be. Microfiber textiles may include wick-away features that draw moisture away from your body to prevent discomfort and chafing. Or they may be designed to keep you cool when you’re working up a sweat or warm your body when the weather is cold. Some are streamlined to reduce drag. Many are soft, comfortable, and flexible. Fitted options can hug you like a second skin, moving with you without riding up or bunching when you exercise.


You’ll have many options to choose from when you start shopping for activewear, so the main thing to do is try before you buy. If you’re going for fitted garments, they should be tight, but not uncomfortably so. Try moving around, jumping up and down, and stretching to see how they fit and move when you’re wearing them. There is some workout gear you can definitely buy online. For example, custom team shirts from Broken Arrow will come in standard sizes, so you probably don’t need to try them out. But for activity-specific garments that are meant to fit close to the body, it’s always best to see how they fit before you make your purchase.

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