A Magical Tree

Silky, Moonface and Saucepan Man – no not playground nicknames but all characters from the beloved Magic Faraway Tree series. This beautifully imaginative series was written by Enid Blyton and published originally in 1943.

It follows the lives of a family of children who stumble across the tree in the enchanted wood near their home. The tree is so large that it reaches way up into the clouds. Despite its size this tree would not make a very good Oak Porch and certainly would not make it into viewing on http://www.bespoaktimberframes.co.uk/portfolio_page/oak-porch/  as it is home to many unusual and often quirky characters. Not forgetting the fact that above the clouds lies an entrance to various different lands that appear.

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Some of the most memorable lands they visit include:

  • The Land of Topsy Turvy – It is here that everyone walks on their hands. When he upsets a policeman, Jo is turned upside by a spell and the children must quickly leave the land before they end up stuck upside down.
  • The Land of Toys – What a beautiful land this would be for any child. Unfortunately, Saucepan man has a terrible time here and ends up in jail and has to be recued by the children.
  • The Land of Tempers – This land seems to come with its own moral. Everyone who lives here is permanently in a bad mood and anyone new who loses their temper whilst visiting must stay in the land forever!
  • The Land of Presents – The children had all their Christmases come at once when visiting this land and they spend their time collecting present for each other and for their mum and dad.

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When the children return form this exciting lands the fun still does not stop. The Faraway tree is fun in itself containing as it does a brilliant slide that spirals down and through the enter length of the tree. It makes for an easy descend as opposed to the long climb up. This is the “slippery slip” and it is maintained by Moonface and is always used by the children whenever they get the chance. Another character who is seen and interacts with them is Dame Washalot. As the name suggests this lady is rather obsessed with the cleaning of clothes. Once she is being done she is quite happy to wash everyone else’s. If they have none then she switches her attention to the leaves of the Faraway Tree. The Children need to keep an eye out for the Dame as they could at any given moment find a face full of dirty water as she is quite happy to chuck her used water out of her home whenever she feels the need.

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