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Who are Rieker?

If you’re in the market for a good quality, comfortable pair of shoes then look no further than Rieker. If you’ve not heard of this footwear company before, they were founded in Southern Germany in the Black Forest area in … read more

Benefits of wood floors

Home is the place where many of the most important moments of our lives take place. If we had a happy childhood, for example, the home in which we live that awakens those pleasant moments that last a lifetime. It is … read more

A nice nod to Star Trek

You really have to hand it to Seth Macfarlane. He was one of the youngest television executives ever at Fox, just twenty four! And now he has convinced them the make another series of the brilliant “The Orville” If you … read more

What an eternity ring really means

Eternity rings have long been seen as the epitome of romantic displays. It beats out all other types of ring – and jewellery overall – in the symbolism behind the design. The diamonds repeating themselves all around the circular band … read more