8 super-powerful foods for neurons in your brain

What foods contribute to the good health of your gray matter? The founders of the HoneyBrains restaurant in New York have it very clear and for that reason. They have decided to include the following good ingredients for your neurons in their menu.

Just as there are foods that seriously impair the performance of your brain, there are also plenty of favorable ingredients for your mind that stimulates your brain functions and your neuronal plasticity. In fact, a neurologist in the United States has applied his extensive knowledge to the culinary arts, betting on the creation of a perfect menu to be “the food of the soul”.

The ideal menu to make your gray matter happy will be found in the HoneyBrains restaurant in New York. Whose team consists of a nutritionist, a chef and three brothers: Galit, Tomer and Alon Seifan. The latter is the neurologist who has decided to investigate what are the ideal foods for your neurons. Therefore, in the menu of the establishment. You will find gastronomic proposals such as porridge with coconut milk and manuka honey, avocado with alfalfa sprouts, black chile and pickled papaya or spicy edamame salad, pistachios, spinach, and cabbage. Continue reading- Eliminate abdominal fat forever with these 5 foods

Nutsneurons in your brain

On many occasions, we have emphasized the extraordinary power of nuts. Specifically, nuts contain a lot of vitamin E, the key to maintaining your cognitive functions. That’s not all: they reduce bad cholesterol, the possibility of cardiovascular disease, stress, anxiety, and fatigue. They also prevent aging, are a source of fiber and provide a great energy contribution.

Chocolateneurons in your brain

In TICbeat we already tell you how to eat chocolate on a weekly basis helps improve your brain function,  improving your visual memory, organization, exploration and tracking, introspection, abstract reasoning and spatial analysis. The cause could be flavanols or methylxanthines, components present in chocolate that affect the brain positively.


It is usually the star drink with which we toast to commemorate a new year. According to the study of this neurologist in him, we can find a beneficial antioxidant that slows the advance of cells harmful to the brain.

Avocadoneurons in your brain

Avocados stand out for multiple positive effects on your health.  As for the brain, they are a great source of vitamin E and C, And great antioxidants that are associated with a reduction in the risk of Alzheimer’s. A dose of 100 grams of avocado will give you 15 grams of healthy fats, 2 of net carbohydrates, 7 of fiber and 2 of protein, in addition to a caloric intake of 160 calories. They contain healthy fats, potassium and fiber, reduce cholesterol and prevent cancer

Coconutneurons in your brain

Coconut oil is transformed into ketones or ketones in the liver, an important source of energy for brain cells. That fight against Alzheimer’s disease. It is one of the few oils of vegetable origin rich in saturated fats, with almost 90% of its composition based on saturated fatty acids. It also accelerates metabolism, is good for cholesterol, moisturizes your skin, protects your hair and reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease.

Olivesneurons in your brain

According to a doctor from the Cleveland Institute, “olives are one of the most nutrient-dense fruits. ” Specifically, they abound in them positive monounsaturated fats for your brain and your heart. It also highlights his help to maintain weight and his contribution to iron for people with anemia. The recommended dose is seven olives daily.

Edamameneurons in your brain

It is known by this name to Japanese Jewish characteristics that are consumed raw. Among its nutrients, it highlights the presence of Omega 3 and choline. An essential nutrient for neurons to work at maximum power. At the University of Clemson have conducted research confirming that this nutrient is associated with better verbal and visual performance.

Manuka honeyneurons in your brain

The manuka honey has its origin in a bush that is only found in New Zealand. Its properties applied in the restaurant of HoneyBrains – whose name does justice to this precious product. It improves memory and function as anxiolytic and antidepressant.

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