7 habits for healthy families

It is as important to exercise daily or follow a balanced diet as to maintain good communication between family members. Dialogue and cooperation should be encouraged. It is important habits for healthy families.

One of the most recurrent consultations between marriages with small children or adolescents is how to get everyone to have healthier habits and that the “tune” is the same regardless of age. Do not hesitate to take a look at these 10 habits for healthy families.

Best habits for healthy families

Do not go hungryhealthy families

Unlike what is believed, each day should eat what is appropriate according to the physical activities and caloric expenditure of each person. This serves to maintain a healthy weight. “Dying of hunger” is a very common mistake among dieters. Experts say that if the necessary nutrients are not incorporated into daily meals, we will always be hungry. Is that the hormones involved in the process of “satiate” and send that message to the brain are not satisfied.

If we eat foods that provide us with calories but not vitamins or minerals, then half an hour later we will be hungry again. Remember then to consume vegetables, fruits, and cereals. Continue reading- How to build a healthy family relationship and strengthening emotional ties

Breakfast and lunch, the inevitablehealthy families

Much is said about how important breakfast is, but not all comply. Something similar happens with lunch. These two are the most important meals of a person’s day. In the morning, many do not want to eat anything because they think it will make them feel heavy or that they cannot eat large amounts of food. This is a mistake because it is proven that what we eat at the beginning of the day is what gives us all the energy we need to face the day. Then, for breakfast, you can opt for coffee, tea or milk, toast with jam, fruit juice, and cereals. As for lunch, a vegetable soup, a tuna sandwich or turkey with wholemeal bread and a fruit dessert. It is important habits for healthy families.

Exercise 20 minutes a dayhealthy families

Think about how much you can do for your body in just 20 minutes. The same thing that would take you to prepare a quick dinner or to bathe the children. For example, instead of climbing the elevator, use the stairs, take the opportunity to sweep and mop all the floors or play with your children in the garden. You can also use the videos that circulate on the Internet to exercise in your living room.

Decide on family foodhealthy families

At present, parents make many mistakes in relation to what they give their children food. The style “fast food” is clearly the one that most children prefer, but this is because adults offer it since they start eating solid. Once every so often, going to a fast food place is not bad, the problem is when this becomes a routine and they eat hamburgers, chips and soft drinks every day. The same goes for sweets, pizzas or fried foods that are prepared at home. The excess carbohydrates and fats are not good for anyone because they cause diseases such as cholesterol, obesity, and hypertension. It is important habits for healthy families.

Dine with the family every nighthealthy families

With one condition: without turning on the TV and leaving the mobiles away. During the family dinner, you should talk about the day of each member, know how they feel, how they have gone in school or at work, that everyone can tell something they want, plan the weekend, holidays or parties. Unfortunately, that is being lost because the technological devices become the main protagonists.

When families gather to eat, the climate and harmony reigns at home, this causes good physical, mental and emotional health. You can also repeat the same at breakfast.

Play together daily

It is true that the obligations of each day sometimes do not allow us to enjoy our children and that is a problem that we sometimes realize too late. We all want to work hard so that nothing is missing. But will not they be missing the essential, what is the contact with their parents? This does not mean leaving the job, but every day, at least a few minutes are games and family distraction. You can also read them a story before they fall asleep, the only time they are calmer. It is most important habits for healthy families.

Create a routine and respect ithealthy families

As has been proven, a good night’s sleep will keep you young and energetic. Half of the adults have lost their ability to sleep and do not sleep for more than 6 hours each day. This can be one of the factors that generate stress. Always remember to go to bed and get up at the same time, as well as to eat or exercise.

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