7 foods that improve your mood

Did you know that the deficit of omega 3 fatty acids can be the culprit of your mood swings? Our body does not produce them on its own, and its lack can lead to depressive states

The foods you consume not only determine how you look but also influence your thoughts, emotions, and actions.

Many of the foods you eat can disrupt your nervous system, resulting in a bad mood, fatigue, anxiety, and depression.

This is a healthier, cheaper and easier option than using medications.

Just take into account that if your emotions do not stabilize, it is a good idea to visit the psychologist. Sometimes the problems have nothing to do with what we eat, but with the people around us and the situations we live.

1. Cocoa or dark chocolate

improve your mood

The first of the foods that improve your mood is cocoa. This has a stimulating effect on happiness due to theobromine. This chemical helps:

It increases the levels of serotonin and dopamine in the body.

Relaxes the nervous system.

It decreases the states of anxiety and depression.

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Cocoa also contains tryptophan, a chemical that promotes the release of serotonin. For all its benefits, we recommend eating a bar of dark chocolate or cocoa a day to improve the states of depression and anxiety.

The only thing you must watch is that the chocolate chosen is high in cocoa. Ideally, it should be above 65%.

2. Nuts

improve your mood

The second of the foods that improve your mood is nuts. They provide the body with omega 3 fatty acids that it does not produce on its own.

When your body does not get enough omega 3 it usually goes into depressive states.

Walnuts also contain tryptophan, which we talked about earlier.

We recommend consuming 5 nuts a day to maintain a more stable mood.

Remember that you can add them to your smoothies, to your desserts or simply eat them as a snack.

3. Bananas

improve your mood

Bananas are another food that improves your mood and that you should include in your daily diet or, at least, twice a week.

Your benefits to your emotions are due to the high content of vitamin B6. This intervenes in the process of transforming the serotonin protein compounds.

In addition, by containing folic acid, vitamin C, and plant fiber, improve your defenses.

4.Sesame seeds

These seeds are one of the foods that improve your mood because they provide threonine. This is an essential amino acid that the organism can not produce and synthesize by itself naturally.

5.Salmon and other fish

improve your mood

Another of the foods that improve your mood because they are rich in omega 3 fatty acids are salmon, tuna or sardines.

These directly affect the efficiency of the movement of some neurotransmitters whose deficiency can cause depressive states.

It is advisable to include at least a portion of these fish in your weekly diet.

If you can, include them three times a week with vegetables.

Make sure the fish you buy is of good quality and free of contaminants.

This is especially important with salmon, as some specimens obtained from hatcheries are fed chemicals that could affect your mood.

If you choose to consume tuna, try to choose the options in the natural piece. Although it is very economical to consume canned tuna, it contains high levels of salt and chemicals.

6.Foods rich in fiber

Foods rich in soluble fibers help you to change your mood when these are due to alterations in your blood sugar levels. If you are diabetic, control your corresponding levels.

Remember that high glucose not only affects the functioning of your internal organs: it will also make you experience various negative emotions in a matter of minutes.

When you feel this is happening, perform a glucose check to determine if this is the problem.

7.Lean red meats

improve your mood

The last of the foods that improve your mood are lean meats. These are rich in linoleic acid, a natural fat that helps fight stress and the accumulation of fat in the body.

These meats also provide iron and omega 3 that help improve brain health.

To really get these benefits it is important that when cooking meat you do it with the least amount of salt and fat possible.

A smoothie to improve your mood

A simple option to include foods that improve your mood is through the shakes. The only thing you have to watch out for is not to exceed the amounts, as it is very easy to experience glucose peaks.

Try this option, you will discover that it is delicious and very simple.


1 cup of skimmed milk (250 ml)

½ banana

5 nuts

1 teaspoon of cocoa or a piece of bitter chocolate (5 g)


Blend all the ingredients until you get a homogeneous mixture and drink immediately.

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