The 7 best series of the moment that you can see in 2018

Are you hungry to watch series and do not know which one to start with? Do not worry because we’re going to lend you a hand. Take note of the best series of the moment that you can see in 2018 in this selection. That we have prepared for you and hook yourself to the one that appeals to you the most. Or all!

For many people, following a series has become a necessity. They represent that pleasant and relaxed moment in which we are quietly at home. On the sofa or bed, enjoying a good story. Which sometimes gets us so attached that we can not move from the site until we have devoured all the chapters within our reach.

See a series with such variety is not an easy task right now. You start with one and a few days already you have hooked to another. And so until you find dozens of chapters accumulated behind your back. That is why you have to choose well the series you start.

If you have already finished the shows you were following and you want to discover something new. In this list, we have collected the 7 best series of the moment. That you can see in 2018 on Netflix, Amazon Video and Movistar. Discover them and get hooked!

7.Counterpartbest series

Counterpart debuted on January 22 on HBO Spain and has become one of the best series of 2018. Not in vain in Rotten Tomatoes has achieved 100% and its score in IMDb is 8.2.

This is a science fiction series in which we follow in the footsteps of Howard Silk (JK Simmons). A man who leads a simple life and works at the United Nations spy agency in Berlin. Where he performs an unimportant job. His life takes a 180 degree turn when he discovers that in the building where he works there is a door to a parallel dimension and he knows his counterpart on the other side.

The counterpart is a curious series that will catch you from the first chapter. And if you are a fan of Fringe you will find certain similarities that you will love.

6.Happy!best series

Happy!  is a series based on the comic of the same name that premiered on SyFy in December 2017. And came to Netflix at the end of April. In IMDb has a rating of 8.4 and Rotten Tomatoes has achieved 78%. Making it one of the best series of the moment.

The plot centers on Nick Sax, a former policeman with problems with alcohol and drugs who has become a hit man. He is about to die after being shot. But the doctors manage to revive him and since then he begins to see Happy, an animated blue unicorn who turns out to be Hailey’s imaginary friend, a girl who has been kidnapped.

Happy consists of eight episodes where you will find black humor, action, and blood. And it is one of the gaudiest Netflix series. Continue reading- 10 movies that nobody will never understand

5.Westworldbest series

Westworld is one of the best series of recent times and last April its second season premiered. So if you have not seen it is a good time to get hooked. It has a score of 8.9 in IMDb, and the second season has obtained 93% on Rotten Tomatoes, so it will not disappoint you.

This is a science fiction series based on the 1973 movie of the same name. And its sequel Futureworld of 1976. The plot puts us in a theme park of the future in which visitors have the opportunity to experience in first person the life in the Wild West. The park is inhabited by androids that act like human beings and are programmed to satisfy the visitors, but the things twist when they begin to take conscience.

If you want to get hooked, you have season 1 full on HBO and part of season 2, which is currently broadcast and every Monday there is a new episode.

4.Cobra Kaibest series

Cobra Kai is a series based on the movie Karate Kid that is having a great success, as evidenced by the fact of getting 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and 9.1 in IMDb.

The plot places us 34 years after the events of the original movie, when Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) reopens the Karate Dojo Cobra Kai, rekindling his old rivalry with Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio), who has managed to become a Successful businessman.

If you are a fan of the Karate Kid series, you will love this series. You can watch it on YouTube.

3.The Terrorbest series

If you want to enjoy a good story to be scared,  The Terror is one of the best series you can watch right now. His score in IMDb is 8.2 and he has achieved 92% on Rotten Tomatoes, so I’m sure you’ll like it.

The Terror is based on the novel of the same name by Dan Simmons and places us on an expedition of the Royal Navy that took place in 1840. Under the command of John Franklin, the ships venture into unknown lands in search of the Northwest Passage. but they are trapped and the crew has to survive in the most extreme conditions.

The Terror premiered at AMC on March 25 and can be seen on Movistar Series.

2.Altered Carbonbest series

Altered Carbon debuted in early 2018 on Netflix and is one of the best series of the year. His score in IMDb is 9.2 and Rotten Tomatoes have given him 65%

It is a science fiction series of futuristic and cyberpunk themes set in the year 2384, where humans can survive their own body because their being is stored digitally, which allows them to be loaded in any “sheath”.

The series tells the story of Takeshi Kovacs, the only survivor of a group of elite soldiers, who after being arrested and killed a millionaire revives him in a new “case” to help him find out who has tried to kill him.

1.The story of the maidbest series

Last year came The Tale of the Maid (The Handmaid’s Tale) with a great success of public and critics, and the premiere of the second season was one of the most anticipated of the year. Its score in IMDb is 8.6 and on Rotten Tomatoes it has obtained 94%. So if you have not seen it yet it is a very recommendable series to get hooked.

It is set in a dystopian future in which a fundamentalist dictatorship has triumphed in the United States, which has become the Republic of Gilead. In this society, the role of maids is to conceive the children of their master. And give them to them when giving birth, since due to contamination a good part of the population is sterile. The plot tells the story of June, a woman who failed to escape the dictatorship and forced to be raised.

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