7 Awesome and important tips to get your first customers

When you start a business it is very likely that you do not have clients waiting to knock on your door. But this does not stop you or discourage you; we bring you 7 awesome and important tips to get your first customers.

Carrying out a business, however large or small, requires a great deal of work. We know that it is disheartening not to have customers or users at the beginning. In this sense, we give you some ideas to help you avoid failure.

  1. Give out brochures: Old as this sound, it is a very effective strategy for new projects. Go to the places where your target audience is and distribute leaflets to people who have the profile of your business. Make sure the catalogs are professionally designed and written and include contact information.
  2. Offer free samples: Another effective technique is to offer samples and free tastings, or in other cases discounts. Create special promotions for the first few days and/or clients. This way you will make your products and services known.
  3. Look for references: Make the first clients or professionals in the area speak well of your services.

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  4. Create a 30-second script: To facilitate the first presentations, create scripts: one for buyers, another for public relations or media and another for potential future partners or investors. This will help you know what to say and how to do it at the right time.
  5. Be your own publicist: Contact the media or large companies with the same public and geographical location. Communicate with your contacts and invite them to know your business and share the information.
  6. Exchange business cards: Make sure the letter is legible, that the information is complete, correct, clear and attractive.
  7. Create a website: This is one of the first actions you have to take when launching your business. A website always reaches more public and also gives you greater reliability and exposure to your brand.

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