6 Interesting tricks to teach children to memorize

Children often have very good memories, but often have difficulty taking advantage of it. It is logical. As with everything, you have to learn to use the capabilities. We have 7 interesting tricks to teach children to memorize.

You will see how with these tips it will cost less to study and to remember what it studied in the exams.

Tricks to teach to memorize children:

  • Use images
  • Relate
  • Metaphors
  • Phrases, songs, and acronyms
  • Customize
  • Tell him
  1. Use images: Visualization is one of the key factors when it comes to remembering something. Use pictures to explain something complicated to a child and will remember much better.
  2. Relate: It consists of connecting ideas. The interconnection of the topics that the child is going to study is fundamental. It is no use holding back in memory if the child is not able to connect some subjects with others. The data connection helps the child to memorize. They are very useful, for example, the schemes, which activate both the visual field and the interconnection.
  3. Metaphors: Another of the tools that help to memorize is a literary resource, that of metaphors. A word that wants to take us to an idea is very useful to help the child to simply remember a more complex idea.

    Use images
    Image Source: Google Image
  4. Phrases, songs, and acronyms: Inventing a phrase to remember a word can help you memorize. For example: ‘I took the valise to go to Paris’, it would be a way of remembering how to say suitcase in French. You can also use acronyms and why not a song.
  5. Customize: Because it is often difficult for a child to understand the properties of limestone or different forms of water: it can be very useful to animate things and give them human characteristics. For example, studying the diamond as someone very, very strong that no one can do even a scratch.
  6. Tell him: It is not the same to read something and try to memorize it if they tell you what you just read as if it were a story; if possible, interesting. Try to tell him what he just read and tries to make it entertaining. Your child will remember it much better.

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