5 Reasons to Start a Business While You’re in College

If you are the entrepreneurial type, you may want to think about starting your own business. If you are in college, you could still start a business that can even contribute to your daily classes. In fact, starting a business in college may actually be more beneficial.

Besides the monetary gain (what college student doesn’t need a little extra income?), you will also gain some invaluable experience that could help you in your future career. If your business does work out, you could get a running head start. Some of today’s biggest and wealthiest billionaires started their businesses in college. Here are five reasons to start a business while in college.

Reasons to Start a Business While you are in College

  1. Net Extra Income

One of the biggest reasons to start a business in college is to make some extra money. Indeed, there are a lot of online businesses that you could start that could require very little of your time. These types of businesses will gain you a modicum of income. If you are looking for a little extra cash, starting a business may be the way to go. You may actually be surprised by what kind money you can bring in.

  1. Gain Experience

Sure, your college business might not make it, but you will gain invaluable experience. If you are looking for a position after college, you could mention that you have experience running a business. A lot of companies are looking for individuals with multiple years of experience before bringing them on board. With a few years put into a business during college, those future jobs will be impressed by your spirit and tenacity. You may even want to get an article placed in your school newspaper about your business to bring with on interviews.

  1. Stay Motivated

Another benefit to starting a business in college is that you will stay motivated to continue your studies. Sometimes, college can be a little boring and you are stuck studying the same thing over and over again. However, when you start a business, you can break up the monotony. You could even start the business with your friends and have some fun while working. Not a lot of people can say that they have fun while working. At a student run business, there will be ample opportunity to have fun.

  1. Make Contacts

In the world of business, making contacts is incredibly important. Contacts turn into potential leads, which could turn into sales. You never want to lose a good contact. When you start a business in college, you will develop a lot of different contacts that could come in handy one day. Who knows, one of those could even change the course of your life.

  1. Improve Your Resume

On top of everything, starting a business in college looks really good on your resume. If you are taking a USC online course, you may want to think about starting a business because it will reflect positively on your future record. In the end, grad schools want to see that you showed some initiative and that you did something during your undergraduate years.



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