5 Reasons Why Film School Is Worth Your Time and Money

Are you looking to advance your career? Are you looking for a college degree program that offers you the opportunity to get your foot in the door of a competitive and coveted industry? If that is the case, you may be surprised to learn that film school has a number of benefits – one being the possibility of landing an exciting and lucrative career. However, many people don’t see film school as something that is worth their time, money and energy. The truth is that film school can give you a number of invaluable skills – not only in the field of directing, but also editing, lighting, animation and more. Here are five reasons why film school is worth your time and money.

  1. You get to explore your passion for film in a cultivating environment. Film school offers a unique environment to delve deep into your creative passions. Not only will you be provided with equipment like cameras, lights and booms, but you will also be given a platform to show your films on a big screen and have them critiqued.
  2. You get to learn skills that you wouldn’t be able to learn on your own. In a film school program like the one provided by theInternational Academy of Film and Television you will learn some general skills, but you will also learn a number of other advanced and specialized skills that can be applied in a number of different careers. These skills include the ability to digitally edit moving images, animation, lighting arrangement and more. Even if you don’t enter the filmmaking industry, these skills will look great on a resume.
  3. You get to network. Perhaps one of the best things about film school is that you get to network. Many of your professors are in the filmmaking industry, so you’ll get your foot in the door. If you show promise, you may get to meet other professionals in the industry. Who knows, you could go from assisting a major producer to actually writing and directing films. When it comes down to it, there aren’t a lot of colleges that offer this opportunity.
  4. You get to build your portfolio. If you are passionate about movie making, having an environment where you can build your portfolio can be incredibly valuable. When you apply to become a cinematographer or editor, they will want to see your reel. The same goes for animators and editors. Your reel will include your best work, because you want to really impress. Ideally, you should keep your reel down to about three minutes, which is plenty of time
  5. You get to meet other like-minded people. Film school is going to be full of people just like you – everyone will have a passion for film and making film. This can provide an environment of enriching experiences and invigorating dialogue. In fact, just speaking to other students will allow you the opportunity to learn a wealth of knowledge. In the end, film school may be worth the time and money for the social experience alone.

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