5 Reasons That Compelled Me To Go For Granite Worktops

Style and luxury quotient are the two important factors for me when it comes to home design. For me a luxurious home is a reflection of my thought process and style statement. When I bought vacation condo in Playa del Carmen, I decided to remodel it to match the beauty of this exotic beach destination. Being an interior designer, I knew what exactly I wanted. I wanted to spare no expenses on the design, material, finish and workmanship. One of the first things I decided was to use granite worktops as it imparts not only added superb look and finish to any home but is also functional. Here are some of the reasons which compelled me to use granite worktops and why you should also do the same:

  • Stylish: Style and look are deal-breakers for me. Nothing says style as effortlessly as granite worktops. Granite is a synonym for luxury. Granite comes in many designs, colors and patterns which can match any kitchen. A kitchen with granite worktop, tiles, splash backs and breakfast bars is evergreen. Any kitchen be it a retro or modern can use granite.
  • Durability: Granite is hard and this contributes to its longevity. Even after years of use and abuse, granite looks like new. It is resistant to water, fire, scrapes, and other marks. It requires almost zero maintenance. Knives and other blades have no effect on granite. Granite is resistant to heat and open flame. Granite is also stain resistant. The color of the granite never fades so your kitchen will never have that jaded look.
  • Hygiene: Granite is very dense hence doesn’t absorb easily. Granite worktops are resistant to impurities and toxins. A sealed countertop is not porous hence germs and bacteria cannot breed on them. So in case you keep raw animal products such as meat, fish or poultry then you need not worry about the worktop becoming a breeding ground of germs. All you need is a mild disinfectant to keep it squeaky clean. It is resistant to chemicals, therefore its nature, color or texture doesn’t alter.
  • Strength: Granite is one of the strongest natural stone found on earth. Because of this reason they make an excellent choice for worktops. Even keeping heavy items over it won’t damage it. You can keep heavy kitchen item like microwave and blenders on your granite worktop without worrying about chipping, indentations or scrape marks.
  • Value enhancement: Any home with granite work has a premium feel to it which increases its price. Almost all luxury homes make an extensive use of granite in various parts and especially kitchen. Since, I would eventually like to sell my Mexico home after appreciation, I chose granite countertops in my kitchen.   

For best use and longevity, granite needs resealing every 2 years. Sealing makes granite non-porous and stain resistant. It is a very simple process in which a sealing solution is applied and let overnight.


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