5 Pre-Wedding Day Complexion Perfection Tips

Every bride longs to be gorgeous and glowing on her wedding day, so the last thing you want to deal with is covering up major skin imperfections before you walk down the aisle. And yet, if you want to look perfect in every wedding photo, you’ll need to do some prep work where your complexion is concerned. Here are just a few pre-wedding day tips to help you get your skin in ship shape.

  1. See your dermatologist. You probably have a daily routine when it comes to skincare, but if you’re still having problems with acne, rosacea, brown spots, or scarring, you may not be doing everything you can to cultivate a flawless complexion. And professional help is the place to begin if you want to sport beautiful skin of your special day. So see your dermatologist to find out more about your skin type, your needs, and the products and procedures that can help you get blemish-free skin before your big day. At the very least you can develop a daily regimen designed to deal with your acne issues. And you can definitely delve a lot deeper than surface problems if you so desire.
  2. Schedule intensive treatments months in advance. If you decide that you’re interested in intensive, professional therapies like laser resurfacing, chemical peel, or microdermabrasion, it’s important to make sure that you have enough time to heal before you walk down the aisle. And considering it could take your skin several weeks to completely rebound, you should probably schedule such treatment 3-6 months in advance. The results often last for up to a year or more, depending on the particular procedure you choose.
  3. Plan for facials. If you’re not dealing with serious issues like scarring or dark spots, you can probably get by with less intensive treatments and still achieve beautiful, glowing skin. And facials are the answer. You should schedule one several weeks in advance to see how your skin reacts and how long it takes for redness and spots to disappear (anywhere from 1-5 days on average). But you might also want to try a few different facials over the course of several months or weeks in order to figure out what delivers the best results. Then schedule your final session a few days prior to the wedding.
  4. Last minute spot treatments. It’s not uncommon for stress to create skin problems at the last minute, and if you find yourself dealing with an unthinkably large pimple or a major outbreak the day before you say “I do”, you’ll be really glad you put your dermatologist on notice that you might need to pop in for a spot treatment. A cortisone injection will reduce the size and redness of a blemish within 24 hours in most cases.
  5. Remove unwanted hair. You may opt to wax your legs and other key areas in preparation for your wedding day and wearing bikinis on your honeymoon, so there’s absolutely no reason not to treat unwanted facial fuzz, as well. There are several options to explore. While you’ll probably want to avoid outright shaving, since this can cause problematic and almost immediate regrowth, you might want to consider something faster than using tweezers. You could try an epilator(epilatorcentral.com), an at-home heat treatment option (my-no-no.com), or any number of depilatory creams. But you might also want to consider professional help in the way of waxing or threading, both of which can offer excellent results that last as long as several weeks. You could even explore laser hair removal options, although the cost and potential side effects can be prohibitive when you’re planning and paying for a wedding.

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