5 College Majors that Lead to Great Careers

If you are still undecided on your college major, then you should start thinking about some of the career paths that you could see yourself following. A successful career is one that feeds your passion as well as your family, so you want to be sure that you earn a degree that will lead you to a high-earning job – a job that will feed your soul for life. This means that you also want to be sure that your career will have a certain amount of sustainability. Here are 5 college majors that lead to great careers.

  1. Electrical Engineering

These days, our entire world is connected by electronics. As an electrical engineer, you will learn how to design and manipulate the everyday gadgets that we rely on and take for granted, such as smartphones, tablets, refrigerators, speakers, computers, etc. You could even end up behind the next revolution in technology when it comes to video definition, 4D movie technology, or virtual augmentation. The sky is truly the limit.

  1. Computer Programming

Not only is there a computer programmer behind every new app, website, social media platform and video game, but computer programmers can work from wherever they like. In fact, it’s also one of those degrees that can be very easily earned online, like with USC Online, or any other number of highly competitive colleges. If you have a mind for coding and digital design, then you could start a very lucrative career with your computer programming degree.

  1. Graphic Design

Have you always had an artistic side? Have you always wanted to find a way to use your artistic talent to make money in a secure way? Then a degree in graphic design might be a very good idea for you. These days, most graphic designers learn to use digital illustrators to create works that are used for video games, movies, advertisements, corporate branding and so much more. There are many commercial applications for graphic design, so there’s definitely a lot of ways that you can make a secure living with your artistic skills.

  1. Psychology

If you have a strong sense of human psychology and often find yourself giving advice to those around you, then you should consider a degree in psychology, or maybe even psychiatry. Either way, you will need to take graduate courses and invest a lot of time and money into your studies. However, if you complete your degree, you could start your own private practice and make a handsome living while helping people to lead happier, more functional lives.

  1. Finance

Earning your degree in finance is never a bad idea. Whether you become the chief financial officer of a major corporation, or if you decide to become a certified public accountant, your skills will always be in need. Most people have no idea how to manage their money wisely, and that majority of society will always need the expertise of someone who can help with financial planning to ensure that they can keep their money growing. What could be more financially secure than that?

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