5 Charming corners of the best beaches in spain (Asturias)

Touring the best beaches in Spain is, without doubt, one of the best excursions that can be found along the Cantabrian coast.

Not only can we enjoy fantastic landscapes, but we also find some surprising places.

In our trip along the Asturian coast, we were able to visit some of the most incredible beaches that you can imagine, and we do not want to stop recommending the blog. There is something for everyone; large beaches, small, lonely, crowded … and beaches without sea!

Yes, yes, it’s not a joke. Follow this article to the end and marvel at the best beaches in Spain.

Cuevas del Marbest beaches in spain

Following the A-8 motorway, very close to Ribadesella, at the height of Nueva, we take the AS-340 road towards the coast. A short distance away we will find a natural cave of great dimensions that must be crossed. The prize on the other side is one of the most beautiful beaches in Asturias.

The bad thing is that people know it, and it’s weird not to find the place full of people. It is a beach of sand and rock, in an area protected by huge eroded rock formations that give it a more literary aspect. It is one of the best beaches in Spain.

Beach of Silencebest beaches in spain

Going through the eastern part of Asturias, near Castañeras, take exit 441 of the A-8. Very close to here we reach the beach of Silence.

We do not know if the name is for the breathtaking landscape that is seen from the cliffs that there are to go down. Well, if we know it, but we are left with the “silence” and the peace that you feel before such a marvel.

Despite being a beautiful beach, its access is not very close to any population, which makes it remain a place not well known. Continue Reading – The 10 most spectacular places in the black forest

Luarcabest beaches in spain

Another small fishing village that has taken advantage of the pull of tourism. Very close to the village we find the beautiful beach of Luarca. A beach of dark and fine sand, protected from the Bay of Biscay by the breakwaters that form the town’s harbor. This makes its waters, a haven in a sea as brave as this. It is one of the best beaches in Spain.

The access is simple and can be reached by the promenade that starts from the urban center. It is not especially busy and we enjoyed the views of the fishing boats in their departure to the job.

Cudillero and Playa de Aguilarbest beaches in spain

If, according. It is not a proper beach. But we did not want to forget this little story town. The most remarkable thing is its urbanism. It is clearly a fishing village, whose houses have been ascending the slopes of the mountain that shelters the port.

In the surroundings, we can enjoy rugged rocky beaches and some sandy beach like Aguilar beach. We can approach this beach from the town of Muros del Nalón or from Cudillero itself, although the first option is simpler. We will find a wide white sand beach and a clean environment, surrounded by mountains. And trees that contrast with the coast, due to its color and density

However, in the town, we will only see the breakwaters and moorings of the fishing fleet. The views towards the town are spectacular. And do not forget to try some fish in the many restaurants of the place.

Gulpiyuri and Cobijerubest beaches in spain

We wanted to leave for the end the two most original beaches.

Located very close to each other, although it is hard to find them. To get to them you have to go to the town of Naves, in Llanes. From here comes a small dirt road that ends a good stretch of the sea. We continue walking and suddenly, when we still can not see the sea in the middle of so much countryside, we find ourselves a beach! But a beach without the sea.

Everything is beautiful and idyllic … but where is the sea? The explanation is that the beach is communicated through caves, and thanks to that an interior beach is formed, with tides and with one of the most photographed images of Asturias. It is one of the best beaches in Spain.

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