The 5 best tips for autumn health care

The 5 best tips for autumn health care. The long summer days fade away, the wind starts blowing, the leaves dry up and fall from the trees, in the morning and in the evening the air is very sparkling: autumn has arrived ! This season is for the earth a period of transition that can be very tiring even for our body accustomed to the heat and the “lightness” of the summer. Here are some simple tips to better deal with the autumn.

1) Hot and seasonal foodautumn health care

The temperature difference between summer. And autumn (which often arrives suddenly) is not to be underestimated. And that is why so many of us, at least at the beginning, perceive an exaggerated cold. We simply have to adapt to new temperatures. And there is nothing better to achieve this than to help with nutrition. More than ever, it is important to favor seasonal fruit and vegetables , in autumn the earth is more than generous: chestnuts, pumpkins, grapes, cabbage, beets, etc. all foods to be brought to the table regularly. This is the ideal time to heat up with soups, vegetable soups, soups, etc. with teas and tea , at different times of the day, also helping with “heating” spices and beneficial as turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, cloves.  It is one of the best autumn health care.

2) Strengthen the immune systemautumn health care

The change of season is also a critical period for our immune system . And this is the best time to strengthen it and get prepared and strong in winter. Even in this case the first fundamental help comes from food: drink a lot, eat something raw every day, cooked vegetables, fruit (even dry), encouraging the consumption of foods that contain vitamin C are certainly good advice . Then you can also use natural remedies to strengthen the immune system such as Echinacea, Astragalus, Rosa Canina, Elderberry, garlic, zinc, royal jelly, propolis and more. Both in pharmacy and in herbal medicine you will find several products already formulated with a mix of remedies designed just to strengthen the immune system. It is one of the best autumn health care. Continue reading-Eliminate abdominal fat forever with these 5 foods

3) No lazinessautumn health care

Summer is spent more time in the open air and this usually moves a bit ‘more. In autumn it is easy to get carried away by laziness, thanks to the colder weather and the generally gray. And much shorter days. It is important, however, not to forget that moderate physical activity must always be done. So choose the one you prefer: gym, swimming, running, walking, etc. the important thing is that you are not too sedentary. It is one of the best autumn health care.

4) Rest the right

autumn health care

Autumn is the ideal time to hibernate, we, unfortunately, can not afford it, but certainly, we can try to rest a little more. If we need it or at least slow down the frenetic pace. If we have it. Resting well and for a sufficient number of hours is important. And it would also be good to adapt to rhythms that are always the same or at least similar every day. We going to sleep at about the same time and at the same time waking up… Good advice, actually valid all year round, is then to eat at least 2/3 hours before going to sleep. In this way digestion is facilitated and consequently also sleep. It is one of the best autumn health care.

5) Take care of yourself and pamper yourselfautumn health care

It is very important in this season to carve out moments of relaxation for oneself by taking a hot bath. Watching a movie, drinking tea, reading, listening to music, etc. They can be important breaks to allow yourself to recharge a bit of lost energy. And also support the mind. With the help of the partner, but also on their own. You can then give yourself some heated massages using, for example, sweet almond oil or sesame oil. (slightly heated in a bain-marie for 5 minutes) Perhaps adding an essential oil to choose from according to your needs. Good advice is also to take time every day to meditate, at least 10 minutes, in which to sit in a comfortable position close your eyes, relax and breathe slowly and deeply. It is one of the best autumn health care.

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