5 Benefits of Getting a College Degree in Business

Earning your business degree is not the easiest thing in the world, but it’s also not the most difficult major that you could choose. In fact, a lot of the skills that you learn in business school are skills that you will have to learn in the real world anyway if you want to experience a decent amount of financial success.

That’s why earning your degree in business could be a smart idea no matter what you decide to do with your life. If you’re unsure of exactly what you want to focus on, here are 5 benefits of getting a college degree in business.

  1. Jump to the Top of the Org Chart

One of the best things about earning your business degree is that every business has an organization chart for their employment positions from the most senior positions at the top and the most remedial positions at the bottom. It’s doubtful that you’ll find yourself at the very top of any charts right after you graduate, but you are more likely to skip the lower rungs of the latter and put yourself in the running for those senior jobs much more quickly.

  1. Explore Marketing Opportunities

If you have a strong sense of salesmanship, then a degree in business will definitely help to maximize all of your natural talent. Whether you want to sell cars, houses, art or commercials, you can excel with a business degree. Have you ever watched Mad Men and thought that you could sell a major corporation on an ad campaign? If so, then you should probably get your degree in business.

  1. Develop Administrative Proficiencies

If you have strong leadership skills as well as strong organizational skills, then you could be a great business administrator. You could work anywhere from retail, to the service industry, to the movie industry. So long as you know how to create structure for a business, delegate work appropriately, and keep the ship running like a finely oiled machine, you could work in just about any industry you like.

  1. Build Entrepreneurial Skills

Have you always dreamed of starting your own business? Is there a family business that you would like to take over one day? It doesn’t matter if you go to Marylhurst University or Harvard Business School, if you have ever wanted to run your own business, then you should know that you can only benefit from getting your business degree. You will learn all about how to manage your money, work within your parameters, and market your business for the 21st century.

  1. Launch a Career in Finance

If you’ve always been great with crunching numbers and if you have always had strong money management skills, then you might want to earn your business degree with a focus on finance. Whether you decide to be a tax consultant, bank examiner or chief financial officer, you could really be an integral part of any business, because every business needs an honest and competent person to crunch their numbers.

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