15 tips to increase muscle mass quickly and healthily

How to increase muscle mass? What diets to increase muscle mass work? Are there foods to gain muscle? What routines are there to gain muscle mass quickly? Many questions that will be answered in this list of tips to gain volume and improve the appearance of our muscles.

Society has always had in mind some canons of beauty that have been changed over time. These canons, while not universal and timeless, are inevitable.

In this article, we are going to show you a series of basic but fundamental tips for all those who want to increase muscle mass in a balanced and healthy way. Some tricks are based on diet, some on diet and others more on lifestyle habits and exercise.

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How to increase muscle mass?

We have collected some of the best tips to increase muscle mass in both men and women. Very simple methods that are easy to apply on a day-to-day basis that will make a noticeable difference shortly after starting.

1.Varied foodincrease muscle

We started with the number one tip in all fields of health and nutrition. But what did you expect? When the sport comes to your life the consumption of all the nutrients shoots up and this means that now more than ever it is essential that you contribute to your body everything you need.

The scarcity of a few items can weigh on your results.

2.High protein dietincrease muscle

Undoubtedly, the consumption of dairy proteins is one of the great points that must be taken into account if we want to increase muscle mass. Depending on the level of training, the time you spend and the muscle volume you already have, it is recommended to take between 1.5 and 2 grams of protein per kilogram that you weigh.

3.Food rich in quality carbohydratesincrease muscle

The “quality” tagline is very important. No pastries, sweets and simple carbohydrates of low quality (which are the majority that many people consume).

The cereals, the pasta, and the rice (if possible both integral) are safe bets to increase the number of carbohydrates. The fruit is also a good choice (with skin, when you can and never squeezed). Continue reading- 5 superfoods that you should include in your diet

4.Amount of healthy fatsincrease muscle

Who said that all fats are harmful? As with any food, an excess of it can be harmful to health. Fats are no exception, but should always be part of our diet.

Especially recommended those fats of vegetable origin, fish, and nuts.

5. Be well hydratedincrease muscle

It seems obvious, but numerous epidemiological studies show that a large amount of the population, including athletes, is not well hydrated. A gross error if what you want is to put your body to work to its maximum potential and thus increase muscle mass.

6. 5 or 6 daily intakes

It is known that the body has a better capacity to process and administer nutrients if they are divided into many intakes, than if they are taken in a few binges. Establish what amount of food you want to take and divide it into 6 meals, if possible, to increase muscle mass.

7. The most important food?

A big question with a simple answer: “post-workout” food.

This food should be the one with the most amount of nutrients and the most varied, giving special importance to the proteins, which are the ones that will be responsible (in large part) for repairing the damaged tissues during training, thus favoring the increase of muscle mass.

8.Breaksincrease muscle

As important as training. Resting for about 8 hours (never less than 7 hours, at least not as a habit) will be essential for the muscles to have time to regenerate after training using the nutrients you have given them.

9. 3 or 4 days a week

No need to train more than 4 days to get the muscles to grow. If the training you do is correct and you follow the rest of the guidelines, the only thing you will do is walk around the gym and waste your time. Training day yes day is not a good option to leave a period of a prudential break between sessions.

10. One hour training

A maximum of 90 minutes is recommended, but with a well-trained hour, it should be enough. In fact, it is known that training more, not only does not serve anything but can be counterproductive, since it excessively features the body and can trigger catabolizing processes (decreasing muscle mass in the long term).

11.Complex exercises

To increase muscle mass is good to do simple or isolated exercises that concentrate the effort in a particular muscle. In any case, the fundamental basis of training must revolve around complex exercises; that is, those that involve several muscle groups and joints.

12.Superseries and composite series

Alternating the series of our normal routine with superseries or composite series can be a very good option to prevent the muscles from getting used, thus achieving an increase in muscle mass beyond what we would have achieved by maintaining the same routine.

Supersets consist of doing two opposite exercises (for example, biceps and triceps) followed without rest.

The composite series are the same, but instead of compound exercises, different exercises are performed but for the same muscle (for example, concentrated biceps and hammer biceps curl).

13.Stretchingincrease muscle

Stretching after training or even during breaks between sets is an exceptionally easy and powerful way to increase muscle mass or more specifically volume. This occurs because, during stretching, the fascia gains elasticity and allows the muscles to expand more easily.

14.Neither alcohol nor tobaccoincrease muscle

As basic as it is obvious. Focusing on the tips to enhance the muscle mass increase of our day to day, the reduction of these two substances will improve the health levels of our body in many aspects, some of them related to the performance of physical activity.

15. Do not take drugsincrease muscle

Even more obvious than the above. You can hardly gain muscle mass and develop a good physique if you take drugs. In addition, these affect many areas of life such as emotional state, hours of sleep, intake or even motivation.

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