The 10 most spectacular places in the black forest

The Black Forest is one of the most beautiful areas of Germany. Many know her for the cuckoo clocks and the cake that bears her name, but the region keeps many more secrets inside. In Unique Code we propose you a trip through the ten places that you can not miss in the Black Forest.

GEGENBACH black forest

The Black Forest is a mountainous strip 160 kilometers long and about 60 wide in the state of Baden-Württemberg, southwest of Germany. The region jealously guards inside its thick forests waterfalls and rivers, lakes of blue waters and medieval villages so careful that they look like the setting of a Disney movie. In fact, one has already been a movie set.

This small town is, perhaps, the most beautiful village in the Black Forest. This small town is, perhaps, the most beautiful village in the Black Forest. Even Tim Burton used his place as a stage for ‘Charlie and the chocolate factory’, although in the film he appeared as Düsseldorf.

TRIBERG black forest

The cuckoo clocks, one of the emblems of the Black Forest, find their maximum expression in Triberg. On the outskirts of the city. One appears on a 60: 1 scale that presumes to be the largest in the world. You can visit the mechanism inside. Continue Reading- Tricks for traveling and keeping healthy


The waterfalls near this town are, with 163 meters high and seven waterfalls, the highest in the country.

FREIBURG black forest

The capital of the Black Forest is a city with gable roofs and medieval air. It is also the capital of ecology: Freiburg has more ‘clean energy’ facilities than any other European city. The bell tower of the cathedral, with its 116 meters, is the tallest building. In addition, you must visit its covered market and walk through its streets full of canals.

ALLERHELLIGEN black forest

Near the city of Oppenau, the shadowy ruins of the Abbey of Allerheiligen, founded in the 12th century and destroyed by fire in the 19th century, together with the beautiful waterfalls of the same name, make an unforgettable sight.

ETTLINGEN black forest

Located on the northern edge of the Black Forest, Ettlingen is a picturesque little town that is well worth a walk. The bridges that cross the river Alb, which crosses it, the traditional houses of the sixteenth century, with the wooden beams seen, and the bulbous towers on the roofs create a postal set.


This beautiful town surrounded by incredible landscapes arose around a Benedictine abbey of the eleventh century that is still its most emblematic place. The most striking feature is its Baroque red stone church with two twin towers.

FREUDENSTADT black forest

The Market Square of Freudenstadt is the largest in Germany and the nerve center of the city. It is surrounded by picturesque arcades with shops, the town hall and the Lutheran church, from the 17th century. In the middle, a fountain with 50 jets of water creates a pleasant climate.

LAKE TITISSEE black forest

With its 2 kilometers long and its shores covered with forest, the Titisee is the largest lake in the Black Forest and an important tourist destination for lovers of water sports. The eight-kilometer path that surrounds it offers spectacular views of the surroundings.

BADEN BADEN black forest

This spa town still retains the splendor it had in the nineteenth century when the upper bourgeoisie chose it as a resting place. The ostentatious casino, the palaces, the Festspielhaus (the second largest opera house in Europe) and the luxurious hotels and spas are good examples of this. It is not strange that composers, writers, and conductors chose her to live.

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