10 security and simple tips for your first trip alone

There is no doubt that when the date approaches, the nerves will invade you since you will be traveling to a new country, with a language maybe different and on your own. We know that you are a brave and adventurous woman, but it does not hurt to take some escape plan for “if anything” something does not go well. Therefore, we share some tips for your first trip alone.

They are some tips for your first trip given below:

  • Plan your itinerary
  • Investigate how to move in each destination
  • Maintain communication
  • Observe your surroundings
  • Secure your documents and money
  • Avoid night walks
  • Join more travelers
  • If you know someone, ask lots of questions
  • Do not look like a tourist
  • In your room
  1. Plan your itinerary: If you have a rebellious traveling soul you probably will not even think about this point, but when we travel alone to some destination we do not know, it is super important that we plan our movements, at least for the first few days. This will help you have better control of the area and above all to keep you safe. Plan very well from your arrival time to the destination airport, the address of your hotel and how far away are some of the attractions you want to visit. We recommend leaving a copy of your itinerary to your family, a friend or a couple with the address and telephone number of the place where you will be staying.
  2. Investigate how to move to each destination: Once you set up your itinerary, it will be much easier to investigate the area where you will move. Knowing the transport system is as important as planning what to bring in the suitcase, although you can investigate once you arrive at your destination, doing so will save your time even for your first transfer from the airport to the hotel, avoiding falling into a trapped tourist.
  3. Maintain communication: Being your first trip alone, surely your loved ones will be worried about you. If you can send your location by WhatsApp or send an email from time to time to give signs of life and assure them that you are having the best. They will be calmer when they know where you are and that you are well.
  4. Observe your surroundings: It is very important that when you arrive at your hotel you observe the area, the people, and the shops. Locate the emergency services, as well as their local telephones, if you have not investigated them before, surely at the hotel reception they will help you with that information. Let your intuition flow and trust it, if something does not fit, avoid the area.
  5. Secure your documents and money: Traveler accessory called “hidden passport holder” which is a kind of bag that hangs from your waist attached to your body under your clothes. However, this addition is super useful as it keeps the most important documents safe during a trip: your passport, visa, and money. In addition to using it, it is advisable to take a copy of all your documents, because if for some reason although we hope it does not happen you get to lose them, it will be much easier and faster to find a replacement.

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  6. Avoid night walks: No matter how brave you feel, remember that all travelers, without exception of gender or age, we are exposed to certain risks to be alone. Avoid them at all costs and try to get to your hotel at a reasonable time. If for some reason you must be late, I recommend you ask for a taxi, believe me, your safety is worth the price.
  7. Join more travelers: When undertaking a trip alone, you never really are at all, as there is always the opportunity to meet more travelers with whom you have much in common. Whether in the hotel lobby, the hostel room, a tour or tourist attraction there will always be someone to talk to and even share some days together traveling the same destination.
  8. If you know someone, ask lots of questions: We cannot avoid knowing the chicest nocturnal places of the destination that we know. And let’s be honest, going dancing or having a drink is also an unequivocal sign that we will meet someone. But let’s think that boys are kids all over the world, so before you entrust all your plans to an unknown person, I recommend you take out your investigative side and ask as many questions as you can to know a little more about the above. Even if it inspires confidence and passes the first filter, never give information about where you are staying or how long you are going to stay.
  9. Do not look like a tourist: Dress in comfortable clothes but most attached to the local culture, especially if you travel to Southeast Asian countries or the Middle East. Do not display your electronic devices while walking, always keep them in your backpack or bag. If you get lost, check your map inside a cafe or store.
  10. In your room: Carry a lock with you is very useful especially if the hotel or hostel where you stay does not have a safe because you can put it in your suitcase for safety. If you ask for a room service, never mention that you are alone and do not let anyone in if you have not requested any service at reception.

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