10 foods rich in calcium to burn fat

Experts recommend consuming at least 100 mg of calcium a day, and not because you’re going to stick the lug. Eating foods rich in calcium is key to burn fat and control appetite, in addition to providing many other benefits for your health.

Eating foods rich in calcium is not only important when you are small and you have to stick the lug, adding this nutrient to your diet can be key to losing weight.

Studies have shown that people who consume enough calcium (100 mg per day) have a lower body fat percentage and greater ability to control appetite.

If we add to this that calcium helps reduce blood pressure, cholesterol and blood glucose levels, it is difficult to find a reason why not include it in your diet.

But beware, this nutrient will not be found only in dairy, there are many other foods rich in calcium. Today we recommend the 10 best to burn fat.

The foods rich in calcium to burn fat

10.Sesame seedsfoods rich in calcium

Sesame seeds are a good food to burn fat for the 277 mg of calcium they contain. For every 28 grams, it has around 160 calories.

9.Bok Choyfoods rich in calcium

This Chinese vegetable has 158 mg of calcium and one glass contains about 20 calories and 158 mg of calcium.

8.Tahinifoods rich in calcium

This pasta made from sesame seeds can also help you get rid of those extra pounds. It has 112 milligrams of calcium and two scoops have about 160 calories.

7.Cream cheesefoods rich in calcium

Light cream cheese – with 0% fat – has about 98 milligrams of calcium, and 28 grams contains about 29 calories.

6.Kalefoods rich in calcium

Eating kale will also help you lose weight. It has about 93 milligrams of calcium and one glass contains 36 calories.

5.Almondsfoods rich in calcium

In addition to the many benefits that almonds have for your health, they will also help you to lose weight. It contains around 75 mg of calcium and 28 grams have 170 calories. Keep reading- 15 tips to increase muscle mass quickly and healthily

4.Broccolifoods rich in calcium

Broccoli is another food rich in calcium key to losing weight. It has 62 milligrams of calcium and 55 calories per glass.

3.Spinachfoods rich in calcium

If you want to lose weight this summer a spinach salad is one of the best options. It has 60 milligrams of calcium and for every two cases about 14 calories.

2.Berrosfoods rich in calcium

Watercress is another vegetable rich in calcium, with around 40 milligrams. In addition, a glass of watercress has only 4 calories.

1.Romano cheesefoods rich in calcium

However, the best food to lose weight because it is rich in calcium is Roman cheese. It has 298 milligrams of calcium and 28 grams of 108 calories.

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